4 Productivity Tips for Getting Things Done

For the days when you have too much on your plate (or not), the following tips may prove to be useful in getting more done within a shorter period of time:

  1. Task Batching: Grouping similar tasks together improves efficiency of completing tasks. This is because it’s much easier to switch from one task to another with minimal distraction owing to the similar nature of the task. Personally, I’ve found this technique to be practical only for smaller tasks or admin tasks like quick email replies, timesheet updates, status reports etc. i.e. which require around or less than 5–10 mins for completion.
  2. Time Allocation: Your work fills up the time you allot to it. As such for larger tasks (requiring more than an hour for completion), allocating deadline helps in retaining focus for longer duration. Working against a fixed timeline also ensures you are not allowing your work to consume your entire day. And these factors helps in improving your overall productivity and helps you get more done.
  3. Schedule the day before: Having a schedule at hand helps in getting into your zone much quicker than starting the day with task scheduling. As such, you can look up the next day’s calendar as a final task of the previous working day, categorize the tasks as small and large and accordingly apply the above two methods for creating a schedule for the next day.
  4. 2-min Rule: At times, even after all the scheduling and batching and allocating time, you may not feel like doing anything, let alone be productive. During such days, pick up any task from your prepared day-plan, allot only 2-mins into the task with full focus and dedication, no more than that. Most times you’ll realize that what started as just 2-mins of work has turned to substantial progress of the task and the initial lethargy would be nowhere near to be seen. 2-mins only.

Hope the above tips helps you in getting more done and giving you back your time for relaxation and personal engagements.

See you tomorrow!!!

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