Be Bold & Considerate

Life is short, it goes by fast. Experiencing all life has to offer, in all shapes and sizes , needs proactivity from us. Proactive in being bold and decisive about seizing each opportunity. Some moments can be exciting, some challenging and some uncomfortable, but at each point, the mantra we need to hold on to and practice is to be bold and go forward head-on to experience the moments in all its glory. Some of these would be moments we would cherish throughout life, some we may feel were best avoided but each would be etched in our memories as diverse experiences throughout life, and at the end of the day, retire to rest with the satisfaction of knowing we experienced all that was possible in our lifetime.

Life is also about being kind. Each person is going through her/his own struggle we do not know of. So it is better not to judge them by their behaviour but being kind. Kindness is free and being kind makes people around you feel better. While being bold, moving forward with an equally considerate mindset would ensure we do not hurt people intentionally. And at times, we will come across moments and people when slowing down becomes a necessity to appreciate the moments and the people in all their glory-in these moments, we need to be gentle, be grateful and sip in the moment slowly, relishing each trickle of time passing by.

We have but one life. How we live it and when we start living it is totally upto us, no time is too late or the way we experience life too crazy. Let us live it-boldly and kindly.

See you tomorrow!!!

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