Dips in Life

On reaching the top, a person has two options: remain at the top or come down. Same is the case when one reaches the bottom. The difference lies in people’s preference and where they end up without effort — a person on the top wants to remain at the top but tumbles down without effort and a person at the bottom aches for the top but continue to struggle without hard work.

Though people yearn for the top, success, happiness and all thing positive, how can they appreciate it without tasting failure or low in life? How can one know the direction forward if they are not standing behind? Dips in life is essential for making space for a person to spring forward just like an arrow which has to be pulled backwards before releasing. It may taste bitter and painful but with a strong and positive mindset, people can survive and persist and with focused effort, can move towards the place they perceive as being a better place.

In a world without loss, people would not have been able to perceive what success is just as without darkness, the relevance of light could not have been ideated. Also, a person is considered alive when her/his heart forms ups and down on an ECG graph. This is the most basic, innate proof within the realm of our existence that life exists on ups and downs because without it, things die out.

So, if you’re amidst some struggles in life, facing hardship and sun does not seem to be in sight, hold tight my friend, space is being made for you to spring forward and upward.

Thank you for your time.

See you tomorrow!!!

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