Disguise of Needs

Photo by Ibolya Toldi from Pexels

For acing an exam, we need to study sincerely. For getting good in a game, we need to practice diligently. For losing weight, we need to run daily.

A common trait across all these is the simplicity of what is required, the directedness of the need. Yet that’s what most people fail to do, dismissing it’s obviousness for other so-called hacks.

What ia truly required in life is simple and, most of the time, free. What is required from people’s side is to accept the fact and follow it up with diligent action in a consistent manner.

And amongst the ones who do the above, a portion of this crowd stumble on the consistency part, neglecting the importance of consistent action, again esp. for the simplicity and obviouness of the very action. And this is what chaffs the winner from the rest, the winner never take any aspect of what is needed for granted. They are able to see through the diguise of the needs and able to act accordingly. And that’s what we all should strive to do, each day, every day.

See you tomorrow !!!

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