Learning To Get Bored Again

Getting bored nowadays is a rarity. With access to the world in our pockets (that’s the cellphones), there’s hardly anyone getting bored nowadays. While having something to be engaged with nowadays is a good thing, being engaged ALL THE TIME is not.

In our pursuit to be entertained all the time, we lost some habits and experiences in the way:

  1. Time spent with ourselves, disconnected from the world
  2. The ability to maintain a patient mindset
  3. Thoughts lost in a sea of dreams and ideas

The impact of all this has, over time, taken a toll on our calmness of the mind, creativity and appreciating what’s around us. In turn, we experience anxiety and FOMO, necessitating our need to remain connected with the world all the time.

How to claim back the lost art of getting bored?

The next time you feel an urge to reach for your phone wheb having nothing else to do, refrain from doing so, sit still, focus on what you’re feeling at that moment, observe all the things around you and if boredom continues to pique your mind, let your thoughts drift to a place of imagination fueled by your creativity.

But I want to utilizes these moments for something productive

Of course you can utilize such moments to cultivate new habits, like learning a new language (through your phone albeit with restrained usage), read a book, connect with the people around you, learn something new and so on.

So what’s the take here?

Moments of boredom, if filled in properly, either with action or thoughts of creativity and imagination, can, in the long run, serve and support you in different aspects of your life. In fact, contrary to the above suggestion, “utilizing” your phone is not a bad habit but the common way we use the same is mainly for consumption of materials which adds no value in our lives. Like everything, we should utilize what we have access and control over, with restraint and responsibility. Only then the usage is justified to be a supportive part of our life.

See you tomorrow!!!

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