One Step At A Time

When a task seems too complex or a habit becomes too challenging to continue, we must never give up, NEVER. Because where pain lies is where the amateurs are chaffed away from the professionals and the winners.

But the question that arises is how to stop feeling overwhelmed? Hoe to continue practising a habit in such a scenario?

In the face of challenges of any magnitude, take a deep breath, close your mind to all things around and ahead of you and just focus on the next step to do, nothing beyond that. Focus on just the one step ahead and do it. The mind will try to run towards the step next to it and the one next to it and so on. But we should not let that happen for this is what overwhelms us. When we gain mastery of ignoring the magnitude and complexity of any task and intead focus on one step at a time, most of the time, we reach a stage where the only thing left is to look back at a completed task and retrospect.

Things will get challenging, situations may become overwhelming but we should get better in reacting towards it. Our concern is not thebpast or the future, it is the present and what's immediately Infront of us.

See you tomorrow!!!

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