Playing The Long Game

2 min readJun 13, 2021


If the aim is to build a business or a product and GROW it sustainably into the future, the decisions should be aligned with these goals right from the get go. This means, all the choices made should be competent enough to cater to the present demands while potent enough to build on top of for the changing requirements in the future of such decisions, this mindset is the reason that distinguishes the Apple and the Amazon from the other companies-these companies play the long game.

What is meant by Playing the Long Game?

In short, it means focus on continuing to build an ecosystem of products and services that will pay off down the line by meeting the future needs despite the product or service's current state of success or failure.

Why is the Long Game important?

Without a vision for the future, anything built will, most of the time, hit a threshold beyond which it won't be able to pass ahead. And this is where the death of multiple products happen. E.g. Blackberry, Nokia phones etc.

But a product with a strong base aligned with the future serves up the owner in ways exceeding far beyond what could have been the initial "future" plan. Owing to such decisions products like the macOS, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft 365 etc. have scaled up so beautifully over time and is only increasing in popularuty despite its not-so-stellar reception during its initial days.

In short, playing the long game defines the aspects of a person or a company that are required to rise to the growing needs and standard of the future.

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