Starting Something Of Your Own

People can start a side hustle with dedication and hard work. But scaling it up to a sustainable business-not everyone’s cup of tea. Yet the same people may be excelling at their regular job.

Why is this a common occurrence? Why is a person not able to convert his/her skillset and passion into a sustainable business yet is able to meet up to the expectation of their jobs, no matter how challenging it is?


That’s the gate keeper in the journey towards realizing one’s idea into a sustainable business.

So what does professionalism mean?

Being professional entails:

  1. Upholding commitments
  2. Dedicating time towards your craft
  3. Being strict about deliverables
  4. Being sincere to the job at hand
  5. Working on the deliverables on a regular basis irrespective of any other reasons (until and unless it’s an absolute emergency)

While such practices can easily be seen in a person engaged in a job for quite some time, the same practices ceases to exist when it come to the same person’s involvement in their personal pursuits.

Most people, enjoying (read “misusing”) the personal freedom that comes with their pursuits, give in to treating the side hustle as a secondary activity, prioritizing other personal commitments over the hustle and not treating it as a means to a viable source of income right from the beginning. In short, most people lack the professionalism required to scale up a hustle to a business.

Professionalism is a non-negotiable characteristics a person needs to exude in order to build something of their own.

Being professional about a hustle or a passion will entail:

  1. Laying out a carefully-crafted roadmap for the upcoming months for the side hustle
  2. Laying down milestones midway for reviews
  3. Assigning day-wise activities to self in order to achieve the various milestones. In short, being serious about the deadlines
  4. Treating hustle hours similar to office hours i.e. you are unavailable to the world during this period
  5. Limiting the holidays to a few days per year just like in a job
  6. Working hard to contribute towards delivering value to potential clients and working on ways to generate revenue
  7. Investing resources for upskilling oneself in the hustle one is engaging in

See you tomorrow !!!

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