The Genius of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Note: This is an appreciation post for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, commonly referred to as MCU.

MCU, the biggest name in the film industry at the moment, it has pulled off a feat no one has been able to do in recent times. It took some unknown superhero characters and launched a cinematic universe unparalleled in scope and scale. The genius of this feat can certainly be attributed to a few of the many points which makes the Marvel films tick like no other:

Making relatable characters: The MCU is in no shortage of diversity. In fact, many of its most popular characters are aliens or totally another species. Yet what Marvel does inch film, time and again, is show an aspect of the character which a person from anywhere in the globe can relate to. Be it their dry sense of humour (e.g. Drax) or the sarcastic attitude (e.g. Rocket Racoon) or a strong resilience (e.g. Thor), MCU portrays each character being driven by a definite, realistic and relatable character behind all their super powers. And this is how they relate and inspire people around the globe.

Telling interconnected stories: One of the most praised aspect of the MCU and in fact, the characteristic of what makes MCU the mega success franchise it is today, the interconnectedness of their stories retains the attention of the people who are familiar with the universe. Also, it helps them introduce newer characters for greater scope and scale without alienating any set of audience. Also, people crave for team work and has had always had the curiosity of how characters would behave on meeting their counterparts and similar heroes.Such a tightly-knit storytelling helps the MCU team nail that aspect i.e. team up the wanted and the unexpected characters together, something many had read only in the comics so far.

Each movie is an independent story: While this may seem against the above point, yet MCU does a clever job of self-containing a story in each of their films, be it the first in a franchise or a middle. They do this by providing the relevant context for pushing the story forward for new audiences while providing enough connectedness to appease the existing one. This enables them to scale up their reach across the world without having to alienate or punish a person for not watching their previous movies.

In addition to these extremely critical aspects of planning and writing, some of the things that MCU has done for the artist’s guild are:

Provides a career-defining opportunity: Most of the actresses, actors, writers, audio engineers etc. who work as part of the MCU go on to do their most famous work through these films. And the popularity help them gain traction in the film industry and a post-MCU career for the outstanding ones are lined with offers for new films and TV series.

Improving longevity of artist’s livelihood: The interconnectedness and recurring nature of the MCU characters help the artists continue their line of work within a setting of such grand scale for an extended period of time. This, in a way, provides a sense of security for the artists involved which in turn helps them focus more on their craft rather than anything else.

Establishing an employment generation system: The increasing scope and scale of the MCU is leading to requirement for more writers, actresses and actors, stunt doubles etc. which is leading to generation of employment opportunities for many people. No production house without success with scale would be able to provide high employment. Additionally, this franchise has also contributed to secondary form of employment through the opening of MCU-parks and other franchise-related business.

Providing a global platform for the artist’s work: The success of the MCU has led to people from all corners of the world become familiar with its setting and universe. And an emphasis for a diverse cast in their productions has helped MCU provide a global appeal to its artists through their films.

In short, MCU is succeeding in multiple facets owing to which it’s only growing bigger and better.

Hope you had a good time reading this.

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