Using Demotivation As Opportunities For Progress

2 min readJun 7, 2021


Not everyday is a sunny day for us. There are days when we feel demotivated, lazy and lost. In days like these, we start doubting their capability and fear clouds our judgement. But these are the days that actually test how badly we want something and what we are willing to do to get it. So giving up on the “low” days is never an option.

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Beyond never giving up, we can utilize the demotivated days as opportunities for progress. But how?

Where one starts a journey, a multitude of others start on the same. Now at some point, which can be different for different people, we all face our “low” days. And many give up or loose their initial determination in these days, which can be today for one person, tomorrow for another. Some others slack off and delay the entire process. And these are the moments, esp. for the ones who do not give up in the face of low or high, where they can progress ahead in their field.

But is the progress about competition?

It’s both Yes and No. If viewed from the very outset, this progress may seem like getting a lead over others and hence the answer “Yes”. But if we dig deeper, it is more to do with progressing one’s practice, regardless of the fact what others are doing. And it is through this perspective where demotivation can be leveraged as indicators for opportunities for progress.

People getting demotivated at some point is an indicator that the duration of time seems to be the challenge for achieving a particular milestone. And if others are getting demotivated owing to one particular aspect or stage of an activity, it highlights the challenge that lies in the road towards progress.

Once the necessary challenging factors are identified which impede progress, people can focus on overcoming/ avoiding them to progress further, venture to areas nearer to their end goal. And it is this way that demotivation can be used for identifying opportunities of progress.

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