Consistency, Streamline & Cohesiveness in Daily Life

What makes an Apple product product product, besides its impeccable designs, are the intuitiveness of the products. But a second layer of characteristics, hidden under the design and intuitive layer, drive the overall focus on simplicity and ease of use home. The layer has three parts to it:

CONSISTENCY of the UX throughout the software’s various parts. It helps in retaining the immersion of the user when navigating from one part to the next of the UI.

STREAMLINED functionality of the devices. This is derived from Apple’s focus on simplicity. Without the software working in a streamlined manner, one step following the next in a logical way, people would be facing friction mid-operation which can drive down user engagement.

COHESIVENESS of the ecosystem. What Apple has pulled off over the years of making its devices communicate with each other seamlessly is a feat no has achieved at this scale. Owing to the cohesiveness of UX driven by the feat, people, who start with one of their products, soon end up buying the rest of the product to experience the entire ecosystem’s cohesiveness which also simplifies life’s interaction with technology to a great degree.

How can we apply these three parts in our daily lives?

These three characteristic are esp. relevant to our life’s work, however big or small it may be. But how? Well, before going there, one fact to acknowledge is people love stories. Whatever is presented to people, be it movies, books or a presentation, only a good story and a great experience is able to imprint a lasting impression in people’s mind.

Coming back to work, whatever the nature of the work may be, striving for consistency across all the parts of the work gives off an impression of dedication, sincerity and quality of work.

Secondly, keeping everything streamlined help in consumption of the new knowledge in a more structured manner by the target audience. And this can benefit in the form of honest feedbacks and good reception of the work. Plus, it lends a good narrative of the work when presented to an audience.

Moving across different work, if related to the same field/area, cohesiveness can play a great role in the form of enabling reusability of components, driving higher familiarity of the newer subject matter even prior to the first presentation and help the audience set up a particular picture of you and your work basis the cohesiveness of the work. Also this characteristic can help in higher acceptance of your new work amongst your old audience owing to the familiarity of your work and its quality.

Hope you found the tips helpful and can successfully replicate it in different aspects of your life.

Thank you for your time.

See you tomorrow!!!

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